Today is Pentecost in the Christian tradition.

Today we believe a few millennia ago or a long time ago, the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out into humanity recorded in the book of Acts (Acts 2:1-31) in the New Testament.

We are in that narrative the bringing together of every nation and tongue we see people who couldn’t read and or were not educated do the miraculous. We see a new society form called the Kingdom of God on earth.

We see the beginning of what then was called The Way but now is called Christianity. We see then a power so strong that it occupied all streets and occupies all streets today. Whatever you are experiencing whatever you are feeling the Holy Spirit is poured out to empower you to do the work you have been called to do.

I pray for REVIVAL in New York City and around the world. A revival of people seeking the face of God brought together through real devotion. Real love. That we would seek and save the lost (those in need of hope).

When I say lost I mean, when you have felt “lost” it doesn’t have to be not christian I mean. Last year I was lost. But I’ve been found and resurrected. I have a hope that can’t be stopped or stalled.

I believe you too can break every chain that has been on your wrist and ankles I believe that you will do more than you ever imagined because the God of Heaven put that inside you. So on this day of Pentecost…I pray we write, dance, sing, act, etc arts professionals lawyers, authorities, whatever your sphere. I pray we do it all for the glory of God and the compassion of others.

In Jesus Name Amen.


Lavished: We Are Known

Lavished: We Are Known1 John 3:1

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”
Four Points

  1. We are lavished on with the Father’s love.

  2. We are called/should be called children of God.

  3. We are children of God.

  4. We are not known, because they do not know, they are known.

We are not known because, they do not know they are known.


  1. We are LAVISHED

A.) Lavished – Giving or using a large amount of something, given in large amounts, having a very rich and expensive quality.
The royalty of the Father is given to us in the form of His great love.
We are given large amounts of love, when we understand being children of God.
We don’t believe we are royalty because we don’t believe God actually loves us.
But, we are more than loved, we are the embodiment of the Fullness of God.
We are lavished with Love
2. We are Called!!!

B.) We should (be called)

Lavished response of God toward us is that we, “should be called children of God”
John the Apostle, in saying, (You)!

“How crazy is it that we are like, the children of God. Like, that’s crazy!!! The royalty of God is in that we are God’s children. You!!! Us!!! That’s crazy!!!!”
That’s how it might be read today!! Then John, reiterates because he can’t believe it. “That’s what we are!”
3. We are children of God

John was saying that before we were not children of God but today in Patmos we are. why? How? JESUS!
Jesus death, burial and resurrection provides us a bridge (say bridge) to the Father. We were orphans but we are adopted and no longer Fatherless, no longer Motherless, no long alone, we are no longer without a family. We are one in God. In the past you had to have been a Jew, but now Gentiles can have relationship. We are no longer ever children left for dead but embraced, brought inside and made children of God and the household of faith. We are brought in and shown love. We are the wealth of the Father. We are lavished… We Have A Family
But why don’t they know me?

4. We are not known because, they do not know that they are known…. We are not known…because, they do not….know….that they are not….known


1 John 3:1c  “The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him”

John answers the concern of the persecuted church, why don’t they know us, why are they killing us? Why don’t they understand Jesus and we do? What does that even mean? John’s answer is why the (C)hurch is different. John says, “The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him.” The reason why the early Christians were being killed and persecuted was because they did not know Jesus, grace, or God. They did not know that they are known. If they had known they were known, seen, lavished, healed, embraced, cared for, loved by God in Jesus then they would have known they were persecuting the only hope the world has. The end of Rome was Jesus! The end of ____ is Jesus! Jesus is the incarnation of a lavished life.
So That’s why people don’t get it. People need love, people need mercy, people need grace, people need forgiveness, people ultimately need to know they are seen, made known and a part of God. We need to identify the potential and power in people and then acknowledge it. We can change the hearts and minds of this city, by simply saying, “I See You!” We can change the world because we are not nobodies, we are someone and we are KNOWN!!! When someone is speaking ill about you, it’s fine they don’t know that they are KNOWN. We can help people be known.
How do we help people be known?
A.) Jesus is the lavished reality of the Father. Jesus is why you must press for more. We are lavished and if you believe that, you are not alone. You can say to depression, I’m loved! You can say to pain, I’m loved! You can say to ____ I’M LOVED!!!

You are not alone, you are the embodiment of love AS YOU ARE, You are a child of God, You are no longer an orphan, but a son, a daughter, You have a daddy his name is JESUS!!!
& He has OVERCOME the world!!!!


Indeed a Good Friday


Today is Good Friday.

If you didn’t know the reason we say Good Friday today, is because a Palestinian Jew who was unlawfully convicted by a Roman court was tried and murdered on this day thousands of years ago. The reason this day matters all these years later, was because it marks the beginning of the greatest victory in human/faith history. Jesus of Nazareth (a town no one thought anything good could come out of) see John 1:46,  rose up and declared in the temples as a young man, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” (Luke 4:18–19).

Today is the day after the famous foot washing service of Jesus with his disciples. We call this Maundy Thursday. This sacrament or worship practice was symbolic and remains symbolic of the humility of the Christ. Jesus, although Christologically speaking was and is the Messiah of the Christian tradition. We believe that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied beforehand by Moses and Isaiah. We also know that Christology is a profound thought. I wanted to give the background though to these sacred moments of the Christian tradition. We are not just being ritualistic. We are practicing traditions that have lasted for the entirety of Christianity. So Thursday the washing of the disciples feet and in many churches the washing of the congregations feet, symbolizes Jesus humility. Humility that lowers the leader, the Messiah to a servant and shows us the most radical rejection of Empire ever.

See, Jesus death on Good Friday was to overthrow every system of oppression. The greatest of these besides Rome at the time and others now. The greatest was SIN. Sin separates us from God and each other. We are called to love in ways that seem humanly impossible but Jesus on Good Friday did it. In that moment he was human, fully human. Jesus was God in the flesh and if that is true and I believe it is. I can think of no other greater way to love me. God is love. God is not these issues that divide us. God is not a (you get in but you don’t) God. God is love.

God is accepting and believing. God sees the best in you. God wants the best for you. God is justice, God is not injustice. We are injustice, we create pain, misery, torture, guilt, fear, shame, we did this. We can be freed though we can come and be made whole. We can rise from the ashes of our past into a new being. We can die as Jean Gray and return as The Phoenix all powerful. To quote Kirk Franklin, “We are more than conquerors!!!” 

So Good Friday is good indeed. Yes, injustice exist and we will continue to fight, we will continue to speak out and vote and protest. But, in the end we need hope that can’t be touched by human hands and human policies, but but hope that can be transformed by a loving God. A hope that comes from God and is in us. We are the kingdom.

We can change the world and the reason is Jesus. So as we reflect today on the crucifixion and the loss of the greatest man of all time, my hero, my friend and brother, my God to whom I praise. The one to whom I cast all my cares. Let us not forget that today, especially today he was human, he felt every nail, every pain, but his love for you and his love for people (ALL) people was greater than Rome, and it’s greater than SIN 3,000 years later. Friday we mourn, Saturday we are in silence, but Sunday is coming…


You are the reason i believe in resistance, your pronouncements your love for wealth over people keeps my fist clenched. I will resist you. I will resist your paradigms. I’m not your silent objector but a voice in the wilderness, saying behold the resistance of the people, the voice of the wilderness that says your empire will be brought down. Your buildings you build will be mausoleums, your living dirty. My essence is one with the struggle, one with the pain. Your egregious and I’m trying to understand you you but I just can’t. Your cronies in power will seek their self interest no matter who it hurts.

What about love, what about our voice, what about access to education when truth is “alternative facts.” what choice do we have? We are seeking to live, to identify and to be respected, to be given shalom in the square public and private, we are the immigrants arriving for a new life, a better life because you impoverished us. Your neo-liberal policies make us seek asylum. You tell half truths and demonize us like Hitler with the Jews, Blacks and Queers.

We are the rising Confessing Church, we are the voice of the Martyrs. No not martyrs for an empty theology of simple substitutionary salvation but martyrs for the earth, sky, water and land. We are martyrs for those with a lack of courage due to the trauma and psychological stigma you impressed upon them. For the differently-abled, those with Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, diverse behavioral abilities and physical abilities, for those who have poems in their heart but can’t write with their hands. With sonnets in their minds, and spirits but never encouraged. To those who miss the chance to feel the emancipation of liberation. Liberation of mind, body, soul and spirit. The liberation to be weird, and loud and undignified, before God and people. To those who understand and learn differently,

For the people united against your everything. For those coming together for a new world, in the midst of the insane destruction you are signing into legislation. yOur not our leader, you’re not our president, you’re not our hero, you’re not going to make us great, you’re just a old white man, with identity issues, and your money keeps you from seeing your sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, you are the face of the enemy. Even if behind closed doors you’re a “liberal” on the low. You’re the face of tyranny. You’re the mirror of a history coming to fruition with no dignity to not show it’s full colors, your the fuel to a resistance. We will either stop you or your thirst for power will destroy the world. We are district 13, we are the resistance. We are your enemy.

Rest, Resist, and Repeat

Review of Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Recently I have been reading J.D. Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy” Link on my Kindle, and I have to say that this is an important book. I heard about this book first on New York Times via Facebook. J.D. Vance article  I was compelled because in the last couple years especially I have been concerned with addressing racism. I’m doing this through Conversation with various people and projects with Justin “Neo” Shockley over at  Justin’s website 🙂 and our good friend Chantal at Follow Chantal 🙂 on twitter.

I won’t go on for to long about this book because I have massive amounts of school work to do and I need to make lunch. I will say this. I am committed to ending racism. How do I do that as one person? That’s a powerful and difficult question. One answer I have found is, going back into my childhood. By going back into my childhood I’m remembering all the challenges and struggles my family faced as poor white folks in upstate New York and the dysfunctions we experienced but also the glory and triumph.

I know that I wasn’t raised to be a racist but the culture was all around us. My grandpa who I love a great deal on my Mom’s side of the family used to tell me the most horrible things I could think of about black folks. Get this, we didn’t have any in the sticks of Montgomery, NY and until I moved to Albany and Schenectady with my dad, I didn’t know a single black person or person of color of any kind. Hell, I was so ignorant that I thought Asian folks were a different kind of white person. I’m sorry for how ignorant I was. I don’t speak for all of my community as I don’t believe they felt that way. It just kind of speaks to one me personally and how I developed and two the education system for students with learning disabilities. In Montgomery, NY the school and property taxes were some of the highest yet, I don’t remember anything I was taught except in my second time in 9th grade Mrs. Bonacic ( I could be wrong) English teacher, gave me a copy of The Giver in In-school suspension and it began a process of learning that started with S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders.

But, anyway prior to that, that was what I picked up. I didn’t know that we had 7 continents. I don’t even know now, haha. See I’m in a MDIV program but I’m still that dirty poor kid from upstate NY who was more concerned with trucks, woods, and imagination than I was being accepted by society. I felt that society didn’t understand me anyway. Vance, felt the same way. He wanted to make it work, but his home life was so bad, that he couldn’t. He was forced to learn through massive mistakes, but the grace of God gave him new possibilities in time.

Anyway, what I was trying to get to is that. In going back into my past I found similarities with the Rust Belt of Ohio and other folks who are poor and white. I found that I understand their grievances but I don’t understand their racism. Now, I’m not saying all poor white folks are racist. I think that many of us are prejudiced and we hold onto that prejudice with like some kind spiritual belief that we are right and everyone is wrong.

I want to say that I love my family and I love the sides of my family that are questionable. I think part of ending racism and prejudice etc. Is understanding one another. I’m committed to looking outside of my comfort zone. Being the Woke white guy in a room full of black folks isn’t enough. I don’t want my internal, moral and ideological critique to end their. I did that (have black friends haha) and POC continue to be shot by police and stigma etc, continues to rise. No, I want to follow after my hero Malcolm X who encouraged my people (white activists) years ago to go to our families and our communities and tell them stop killing black folks. I know it sounds simplistic. But, this book Hillbilly Elegy has been an amazing and bright awakening for me.

I’m not going to back down but I am going to use wisdom to understand my audience and who I’m trying to reach. J.D. Vance spoke to me, his experiences resonated with mine. His heart was pure and he has seen a lot. I encourage you to read the book because I couldn’t stop once I started, I shed tears, and I found new hope. A hope that we all need in these times that seem uncertain.

Good luck and I’ll see you around.

Pain Runs Through The City, Like Heroin Runs Through The Veins Of Sonny In Sonny’s Blues

As I prepare for these final weeks of semester I’m reblogging this post from 2015. I hope you enjoy it and if you like it follow me and I’ll keep you updated on what I’m working on.

John Paul Ross

As I wake today and prepare to bring hopefully hope to an oppressed and forgotten population here in NYC, specifically Harlem. I’m overwhelmed by the truth of the insidious power of addiction. As a pastor in training with a liberation theology rooted in James Cone’s Black Power Theology, I know that God is for the oppressed and as Howard Thurman wrote in Jesus and the Disinherited, their “backs are against the wall” and it’s imperative that I bring something real, something authentic to ministry but reality has me doubting.

Now I’m getting on the train and heading toward Harlem inside Marcus Garvey Park to provide holy Eucharist through Ecclesia Ministries. I’m reminded of my early life in upstate NY in Schenectady. The oppressive weight of failed opportunities and closed factories offered my student body nothing more than future addiction and or prison.

Really, every day in highschool I would skip…

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Image result for waterfalls in hilo kulaniapia falls

All the years and nights you cried

for me and over me.

Now it’s my turn, and these tears boy they pour they pour out like the waterfalls of Hilo. The waterfalls that we never swam under. #triggershy

All those years and I felt nothing…as you cried.

Like the pouring rain crashing on a sustainable rainforest roof, collecting water. My buckets are empty and I’m crying and I guess we could say you’re finally getting through to me, through to me alone.

-JP Ross

Upstate Ghosts

Upstate Ghosts


An excerpt from a sermon I preached at All Angels Episcopal Church entitled Remember Who You Were by John Paul Ross


Please check out this absurd article or blog about the history of Schenectady. The one truth to author mentions is the irreparable damage GE leaving did to my hometown. The result being homelessness, addiction, incarceration and, dropout rates. Absurd Schenectady blog


I am from upstate New York, near Albany in a small city called Schenectady. Many upstate people would often joke about Schenectady about how nothing good can come out of that city. Haha, no really, nothing: when I was in high school a friend of mine who was in a band called, “The Miserables” once wrote on his army jacket God Save Schenectady, which summed up what it meant to grow up their. As you can tell already by my earrings “plugs” and demeanor that I come from a punk rock background.

I believe that God has provided punk rock in my life to help me, understand reality for those on the margins of life, It took me from wanting a private sheltered life into wanting to spend my time with those that are considered “unclean”. I believe it takes radical faith to wrestle with the great challenges that people face in everyday life. Punk Rock offered that courage and eventually to develop a radical faith.

My life verse for you this afternoon, comes from the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians chapter 1 verse 26; “Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth…” This scripture goes further on explaining how foolishness and weakness are what God calls us from, not to lose that humble beginning but to proclaim from it. Brothers and sisters, my message to you this afternoon is, “Remember Who You Were”. Remember who you were and where you were when you first heard that gospel message of good news; or if you are here today and have not believed in this same gospel, think back to a time before you felt you knew what you wanted from life, or what you were made to do. I believe in understanding our beginnings we can speak into our present with confidence and humility!

When I first moved here I was homeless, not in the more comfortable transitory, I don’t have my name on a lease, but I’m staying with a friend. I mean I had nowhere to live. So I stayed in shelters. I couldn’t live anywhere else because at the time I had burned all my bridges and exhausted all my resources. I tried to get in contact with my Dad but I couldn’t reach him. He was unable to be reached because he too was homeless. My dad that same year was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, my dad lived his entire life with this mental illness and we never knew, he especially didn’t know. So being that my dad was unable to help me, and my mother living in Florida and I not having a close relationship with anyone else in the family. I found myself in New York City the home of The Ramones! That’s how I justified my circumstance. “I’m living in the home of the Ramones, my favorite band of all time.” But it was not cool at all.

My first night here I was scared to death. I didn’t know where I was going or what would happen to me. I found refuge in a place called Bellevue Mens Shelter on East 30th Street and 1st Avenue. I stayed there for a little more than a week. Every day I would let my caseworker know that I wanted to go to college, because an OG or seasoned veteran of the shelter system said that would be the only way I would find myself in any place but Bedford & Atlantic Mens Shelter in Brooklyn.

Bellevue Men’s Shelter 30th Street in Manhattan, NY


When someone arrives in Bellevue they are put thru metal detectors and checked for weapons or any other contraband. I was terrified! My first night there I waited for a bed for like 7 hours. My friend from Queens would come and encourage me, but every night I still stayed there and I still had no contact with my dad, and my mom was in Florida. I wanted to be on my own, I got my wish. But I didn’t want it. I quickly started recanting all my decisions but I knew that God had me there for a reason. I often had to encourage myself that God had a plan and purpose for my life. That I am bought at a price and that I don’t own my body any longer. That I go wherever God wants me to go. I can not begin to explain to you the feeling I would feel when I would arrive to the shelter late, because I was lost and have to beg for my bed back. The fear of not knowing, where will I sleep tonight? But, it’s in these moments that my ministry was unfolding. I didn’t understand it then, but now I see clearly why I had to experience homelessness.

Paul similarly explains the foolishness of God, as in order for God to get all glory. Paul was concerned with being a radical difference to the ways and customs of modern life, but he also was strangely aware of how insignificant all of our pursuits at prestige and know how can be. Paul articulated to a people who did not know the knowledge of the aristocrats or pharisees a nobility that in their very low circumstances that they were a chosen people. To show the glory and goodness of God. That it was to confound the wise and provide a stumbling block to the old guard.

I remember being a new christian and wanting some incredible conversion story, which seemed to be so popular to have in evangelical circles. But, I was just an ordinary young man, who did not know anything except that I was filled with fear, anxiety and anger and then I was filled with peace. There was no Billy Graham experience or theological degree, not even a GED. It was solely God and for that He gets all the glory.

I believe that when Paul was encouraging the church of Corinth, he was saying, who you are and where you are from is enough! It’s not your wisdom, in the essence of the Hellenist or the rigorous obedience to the Torah. It’s in your weakness, your foolishness, your humbled circumstance that you are going to change this world. It’s not what aristocratic position you have. It’s not man’s ways but God’s.

A commentary I researched for this message suggested that the very usage of words like wisdom, foolishness etc…found in 1 Corinthians 1: 18-31, speak to the hierarchical oppressive nature of class division in Rome. In that day the value was on aristocratic wealth, hellenistic philosophy or wisdom, and for the Jews attention to the Torah. But, the audience that Paul was preaching too were not privy to such knowledge or had the luxury of prestige. These were ordinary men and women, like you and I. Paul, was calling them out. He was saying and reminding them that although you are being persecuted by Rome and experiencing friction with other Jewish believers you are not to be caught up with their standards, for its in your simplicity that you will bring glory to God. It’s in your “foolishness” and “stumbling” that God will get all the glory.

I once believed that this scripture was a simple one, that I don’t have to have the greatest education, be a philosopher or rich. But, this is much deeper than that. It truly means that the kingdom of God, is not by human standards. The calling of God is grace and that grace will make the world’s wisdom foolishness. Only God, can take a high school dropout from a broken home and not only change him from antisocial to a humanitarian but even transform him into a socialite and owner of not one degree but 2 degrees and working toward a third, He could restore a relationship with his mom, restore a broken silent relationship with his dad for 10 years and bring it back full circle to have a healthy thriving relationship. That He could take a broken young man who has only seen divorce and teach him how to love someone else. I testify to you that these are only some of the glories that God has done in my life and He will do even greater in you! Remember when you were called!?!

To some of you sitting here you may be on the fence about Jesus, you may be thinking that this all sounds good, but what about suffering, oppression, class division now? I am only sharing scripture, what about their reality and to that I would say, I have known pain, I have known sorrow but it was God and His Word that carried me through. Many times in those rooms cluttered with others who may not have had my best interest in mind, God was with me, and like the Psalmist David said, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.”

I know that it can be hard to believe the gospel message when your life seems so far away from it, but I can assure you that God cares about you where you have been, where you are and where you are going. I believe that my time in Bellevue helped me to trust in His faithfulness.

Years later I would learn and study about the holes in the system, which brought me back to my humble beginings of homelessness and dependency on the goodness of God and the kindness of others. We are not excused from responsibility but it is with this humility that we can pick up the shattered pieces of our pasts. Not everyone might be able to relate to this, I ask you to think of those moments in life where you have felt most vulnerable, the teaching applies. It’s God’s goodness and grace that you are here today, not just human will.

To help me stay hopeful, I would often walk over to the water by the shelter and I would look at the Hudson River and sometimes I would cry, I would argue and talk with God, “why did you bring me here, to only suffer”, “I know that you are with me, but sometimes it really feels like it’s just me”. God would show up in those moments, I have always found great peace in looking at the water or going to the Cloisters near Washington Heights and would lose myself in the park. I love nature and I believe that we need that connection.

I have often struggled since those days with why I had hope and support and others don’t; or don’t get to realize it. We have hope all around us. A friend of mine when I was beginning to write this shared with me, that I had hope and support but I also had a will to understand and fight for change. I not only fought for my own change in life but for others. That’s why I am here now. Because, after that experience I realized that everyone deserves dignity and respect. Everyone deserves to know that God loves them and actually cares about their suffering, I believe that I have been homeless in order to help others understand homelessness. I was not homeless for a long time but I internalized those experiences and when I am in seminary or helping others make a latte at work, I am aware that my purpose in life is to bring hope to this world. I am to be an agent of God’s agency to humanity.

Those times in my life has challenged me in so many ways. It’s hard to erase the stigma that the past can put on us. Sometimes it seems its not enough that Christ has washed all of our sins away. Oppression seems never ending and justice seems like it may never roll down like a river, but I know that God is for the weak and in time, all those that were cast away will be brought back. So if we are struggling with doubt, we don’t have to stay there, its in our struggle and in our lack of qualifications that God signs our approval and we begin or continue to excel and grow in service to others. We can relax and find solace from the storm in the first chapter of 1st Corinthians verse 26 and take a deep breath and remind ourselves where God called us from and where he take us, it’s not us, it’s all about God. What we consider folly, inexperience, lack of education or too much, God calls wisdom and our opportunity to remember who we were and rest knowing that it’s not man’s will but God’s.


All Angels Episcopal Church located on 80th and Broadway behind Zabars. AAC was established in 1846. This was the sight of this sermon and the dynamic homeless outreach that inspired me for seminary. The ministry was called Our Place Cafe and the founder was Eric Mull. Eric is pastor of Ascension Table in Long Beach, Long Island.




Heavenly Father we thank you for your wisdom and your foolishness, because your ways are so much beyond us. Give us patience and grace to accept our challenges and blessings with humility and seek to do all we can to provide a place of restoration for others who also may suffer or need someone to celebrate with. Lord, help us to remember who we were when you called us. How many of us didn’t have all the degrees or homes or cars etc… That we have now, but that we were in a place of desperation to a tumultuous storm raging inside of us. You are the calm in the storm. Father, I pray for every person here who maybe experiencing homelessness, that you would provide them sustainable housing, If there is anyone here who is experiencing drug and/or alcohol addiction that you would help them to get clean and/or sober. Lord that you would bless those hear who are not in those circumstances but have other circumstances, that they too would experience your grace and mercy that they too will remember who they were when you called them, and that in the end it’s not our wisdom or strength but your spirit that we can confound the wise and bring glory to your name!!! Praise God!!! in Jesus name Amen!!!


Recycling by John Paul Ross

I had such a roller coaster day.
It started with a hangover and depression
then some hope to darkness and desperation
then to hope and some thing to offer
to not being wanted and desperation
to relapse on cigarettes and another hangover.

Worship and Hillsong (Brief Reflection)

I’m a recovering cynical Christian but, this is so true. I’ve been going to Hillsong and although I didn’t really like that kind of thing for ever, I’ve realized that outside of activism and being a wannabe theologian etc…I love Jesus and like an addict in recovery who makes meetings. I need worship, I need the communion of saints but I also need rest from all that I do and going to a church that is about worship and hope in a resource oriented setting provides that.

So…Worship changed everything. Let go and let God, look to God and praise God then God will reveal what you need to do! God is dope!!!

Lastly, if I could just figure out how to make a mega activist worship heavy fleshly Jesus centered church that would be my swan song and final offering.