Blue Eyes

 We used to walk together

I used to look into your eyes 

I don’t look any longer

I don’t see blue

All I feel is the ocean

Crashin against my mind and heart

All I know is we used to walk 

I would look into your eyes

Bright beautiful and blue like the ocean 

We used to go to

Now we don’t go anywhere anymore

All that I have are memories of a fantasy

Too grandiose for words

Your eyes were blue, they would speak to me

Your eyes said I loved you

But I couldn’t see

I can’t see love

Love is not for me

I miss the ocean

I miss the beach 

I miss your body crashing against mine

I miss how you would rise like a wave crash with the undertow 

Of my release

Where did our passion go

Fuck, I don’t know 

You’re all I ever knew, and known

I miss your eyes looking at me, like a wide open jersey shore by the boardwalk can we go for a walk one more time?

We used to go for walks 

Now I don’t wanna walk no more

I’m tired of feeling this way

But your eyes haunt me like. A silence in the dead of night, like a chill in my bones when I’m wet and cold with no other layers but my own slim scrawny fat cells to give me heat. 

I know how to be cold

I know alone

I see you rising like a magnificent wave your eyebrows and pupils the ocean floor, your eyes are the Ocean! I’m in your vision, I can’t escape. I feel your gaze but you don’t see me, every where I go there you are. Is it the ocean or is it you

I would kiss the ocean if it meant I could kiss you

I know I’m alone

Fuck I know. I know too well


5 thoughts on “Blue Eyes

  1. Even though I was over it and found love and solace in another, we went through divorce at the same time. Man beautiful words where as mine towards my ex would be full of anger and poison.


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