Not Just Another Park Bench


When you walk by do you feel? 

Do you see. A human being?

Or do you see a dirty bench?

What’s it like to feel so content?

Like your never going to lose what you have, like your never going to take one to many drinks that leave you, dependent, like your wife won’t leave you and drugs become your lover, that your job lays you off and your in Bellevue 

What’s that like how’s that comfort that you possess

Do you see a fucking bench a dirty bench or a human being????

Tell me!!!!!

Everyday we let homelessness exist, while cronies steal billions of dollars we hurt those most vulnerable we scapegoat them 

I’m tired of trying to make you understand. 

So I’ll take to the streets reposes old space

Live with faith and courage. 

When you walk by do you smell rotting. Flesh or the failure of capitalism, a dystopian thought you, yourself are an accomplice. I’m an accomplice in human suffering. 

Have you ever thought about how an addict becomes an addict, or how a homeless person becomes homeless. I know some of you have. But I’m not talking to you I’m talking to an audience that walks by. 

Don’t fucking walk by!!!!

Jesus, didn’t walk by. Actually salvation is based on Matt 25:31-46 I’m no, wait yes I am

As a pastor. That’s the golden ticket. 


I’m trying to be poetic but it just comes out like a rant. 

I’m honeslty in pain.

It hurts me physically, mentally and spiritually to see the homeless. It’s like what, why and where is God in this. He’s in us. You can create a new life. You can flood the city hall with your body, you can open your door, you can find initiatives that work, you can do more. 

Don’t walk by

I’m not just another park bench