Today is Pentecost in the Christian tradition.

Today we believe a few millennia ago or a long time ago, the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out into humanity recorded in the book of Acts (Acts 2:1-31) in the New Testament.

We are in that narrative the bringing together of every nation and tongue we see people who couldn’t read and or were not educated do the miraculous. We see a new society form called the Kingdom of God on earth.

We see the beginning of what then was called The Way but now is called Christianity. We see then a power so strong that it occupied all streets and occupies all streets today. Whatever you are experiencing whatever you are feeling the Holy Spirit is poured out to empower you to do the work you have been called to do.

I pray for REVIVALĀ in New York City and around the world. A revival of people seeking the face of God brought together through real devotion. Real love. That we would seek and save the lost (those in need of hope).

When I say lost I mean, when you have felt “lost” it doesn’t have to be not christian I mean. Last year I was lost. But I’ve been found and resurrected. I have a hope that can’t be stopped or stalled.

I believe you too can break every chain that has been on your wrist and ankles I believe that you will do more than you ever imagined because the God of Heaven put that inside you. So on this day of Pentecost…I pray we write, dance, sing, act, etc arts professionals lawyers, authorities, whatever your sphere. I pray we do it all for the glory of God and the compassion of others.

In Jesus Name Amen.