Lavished: We Are Known

Lavished: We Are Known1 John 3:1

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”
Four Points

  1. We are lavished on with the Father’s love.

  2. We are called/should be called children of God.

  3. We are children of God.

  4. We are not known, because they do not know, they are known.

We are not known because, they do not know they are known.


  1. We are LAVISHED

A.) Lavished – Giving or using a large amount of something, given in large amounts, having a very rich and expensive quality.
The royalty of the Father is given to us in the form of His great love.
We are given large amounts of love, when we understand being children of God.
We don’t believe we are royalty because we don’t believe God actually loves us.
But, we are more than loved, we are the embodiment of the Fullness of God.
We are lavished with Love
2. We are Called!!!

B.) We should (be called)

Lavished response of God toward us is that we, “should be called children of God”
John the Apostle, in saying, (You)!

“How crazy is it that we are like, the children of God. Like, that’s crazy!!! The royalty of God is in that we are God’s children. You!!! Us!!! That’s crazy!!!!”
That’s how it might be read today!! Then John, reiterates because he can’t believe it. “That’s what we are!”
3. We are children of God

John was saying that before we were not children of God but today in Patmos we are. why? How? JESUS!
Jesus death, burial and resurrection provides us a bridge (say bridge) to the Father. We were orphans but we are adopted and no longer Fatherless, no longer Motherless, no long alone, we are no longer without a family. We are one in God. In the past you had to have been a Jew, but now Gentiles can have relationship. We are no longer ever children left for dead but embraced, brought inside and made children of God and the household of faith. We are brought in and shown love. We are the wealth of the Father. We are lavished… We Have A Family
But why don’t they know me?

4. We are not known because, they do not know that they are known…. We are not known…because, they do not….know….that they are not….known


1 John 3:1c  “The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him”

John answers the concern of the persecuted church, why don’t they know us, why are they killing us? Why don’t they understand Jesus and we do? What does that even mean? John’s answer is why the (C)hurch is different. John says, “The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him.” The reason why the early Christians were being killed and persecuted was because they did not know Jesus, grace, or God. They did not know that they are known. If they had known they were known, seen, lavished, healed, embraced, cared for, loved by God in Jesus then they would have known they were persecuting the only hope the world has. The end of Rome was Jesus! The end of ____ is Jesus! Jesus is the incarnation of a lavished life.
So That’s why people don’t get it. People need love, people need mercy, people need grace, people need forgiveness, people ultimately need to know they are seen, made known and a part of God. We need to identify the potential and power in people and then acknowledge it. We can change the hearts and minds of this city, by simply saying, “I See You!” We can change the world because we are not nobodies, we are someone and we are KNOWN!!! When someone is speaking ill about you, it’s fine they don’t know that they are KNOWN. We can help people be known.
How do we help people be known?
A.) Jesus is the lavished reality of the Father. Jesus is why you must press for more. We are lavished and if you believe that, you are not alone. You can say to depression, I’m loved! You can say to pain, I’m loved! You can say to ____ I’M LOVED!!!

You are not alone, you are the embodiment of love AS YOU ARE, You are a child of God, You are no longer an orphan, but a son, a daughter, You have a daddy his name is JESUS!!!
& He has OVERCOME the world!!!!



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