Please for the love of G-d white people stop saying all lives matter, everyone knows that theoretically all lives matter but experientially that is not the case regarding black n brown folks, so until then. It’s only/solamente #BlackLivesMatter your quest to be vindicated of historical racism is destroying an organic revolution in this country a revolution that will not cease until #AllBlacknBrownLivesMatter



In regards to recent presidential stuff save (except) TPP, sometimes I really love Obama and I’m growing sad by the thought that his presidency is coming to an end. I know he wasn’t perfect and none of us are. But, damn he made me really happy to be smart to feel like when my president speaks he is worthy of respect. I hope that for the remainder of his time in office he just keeps pushing through bill after bill. I’m almost in the camp of perhaps a bid for a third election, heck Bloomberg did it. And we all know that Obama is way more significant than Bloomellujah was. Perhaps I’m getting soft in my radical politics. And perhaps I’m growing more compromising, I don’t know. It could be that this presidency I was way more involved and aware then even Bush 2. Or it could be that I just want a president to believe in, that I grow tired with finding error and fault with every leader, sometimes just sometimes ignorance would seem to be bliss in these moments. Such as hoping this republic actually represented the people. Just some thoughts.