Rolanda Celina

No meat, no milk, no wool, no silk,
No eggs, no honey, 

my choice, my money.

No shooting, no snares, 

no coursing of hares, 

No circus, no zoo, 

no rodeo too. 

No fur, no leather, 

no saddle, no tether, 

No eggs, no fish, 

no cruelty’s my wish. 

No feathers, no suede, 

no ivory trade,

No poison of ‘pests’, 

no animal tests.

No killing, no using, 

my values, my choosing, 

No cage, no pen, 

no veal crate again.

No hunting, no breeding, 

no hurting, no bleeding, 

No feedlot, no kill floor, 

no tail dock, no declaw.

No blood, no bones, 

no screams, no moans, 

No suffering, no pain, 

their freedom, my gain!
-Rolanda Celina


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