Can We Spare Some “Change”?

Everyday that homelessness still exists it enrages my spirit, it gives me a sense of powerlessness that I can’t fight. I could give all my money but the system of capitalism would still continue the injustice of homeless people. Fuck I hate capitalism and everything it stands for. Fuck 

Small reforms only bandaid a broken injustice system, allowing for sudo bourgeois people to believe that they are in a just society with imperfections. The truth is a system designed to subjugate, alienate and exile humans from themselves and their community is a system of unjust evil. A system that the Christ figure fought against and died for, the oppressed classes. 
I hate liberalism and the weak backboned liberal spirit that thinks a vote every four years is actually going to change the system. Their will only be change with radical action, action guided by the living insurrectionary spirit of the living g-d.  
Homelessness is the ill of society and with it comes other interconnected injustices. White privilege and white supremacy still can have its place in a vulnerable space such as homelessness but it’s not the same thing as a system based on racism in order to maintain its capital interest and demands. 
The pursuit of the monochrome society in one way leads to universal oneness, but it destroys the very intrinsic importance of the cultural identity of people. The melding and blending through assimilation will only contribute to more subconscious, alienation from the self. Losing oneself in return to gain the acceptance or power dynamic of the “dominant” class. It’s simply a substitute for the same thing. In order for change to come, we have to honor and value the difference we all share in and white privilege needs to be accountable to its racist benefits for the last however many years this country has existed regardless of homelessness. 
When the poor whites realize they are the ones being lied to also, that they are a pawn in the game of exploitation and that the benefit of priding oneself on their privilege will only result in their own personal exploitation. When poor whites understand that to the oligarchy they are no different than their neighbor of color and that while infighting in the community is happening. The oligarchy is capitalizing off them. They are neither white nor black but a commodity, a slave on the plantation known today as global capitalism. 
A system of capital never has sought for a fair treatment and equal experience for humanity. Unless, of course it was the subjugation and commodification of goods and services. That was equal for sure. Of course capitalism is a economic philosophy and therefore is impartial to human feeling as its a philosophy and not a experience in its rawest form. It’s when capitalism has become the economic philosophy of the state that humanity suffers. So in essence we can’t fight the “idea” of capitalism but we can resist the implementation and support of its economic arm in our lives. 
We can resist its temptation to suppress and alienate us from our lives. We can choose to live another way. We can opt out of the “matrix” of this maniacal machine. Will we live our lives based on dividends and spread sheets or on economic and racial equality. How can we support a economic philosophy that creates homelessness, that produces chemical imbalances toward mental illness and therefore a culture of desperation and need. A culture a nation with no means to fight. A culture overlooked and oppressed in order for a few to gain. 
How can I be a Christian and stay silent. I can not! I will not!