I preached on #SuicidePrevention and #MentalIllness a while back. When I preached from the context of my personal bouts with suicidal thoughts and how even after “becoming” a Christian I still struggled. Being a Christian is a great thing we have a shadow side as all major religions do but Jesus pulled me out of darkness. Now I’m not saying I’m all smiles now, I suffer with depression not as a illness but as a state of being that I haven’t been able to shake even with the”Holy Spirit”. I say this because to many times we are pressured into being sanctified or healed and not enough in the moment of pain. We need to sit in our people’s pain and learn to listen. We need to listen or we will lose whatever supporters and friends we have left. I know that God is real in my life but that doesn’t mean that you will feel that way. So on behalf of a outreach workers, hey! I’m sorry for trying to recruit you when you were clearly going through something. I’m here and I will listen. If you don’t want to talk to me then please check out @HeartSupport.Com a great resource using message boards both public and private to help you with your struggles. Jake the founder is the singer of August Burns Red and he lives what he teaches. 

Lastly, I know it’s hard when you feel so alone, when life left you feeling abused and shamed and in pain etc…but you are more than your pain, your pain is part of your story but it’s not all you are, we are more than our pain. 

My prayer tonight is that anyone reading this that you would know that your not alone and that God has lavished God’s love on you through Jesus. Jesus was a revolutionary and he died fighting for peoples freedom to love and be loved without fear or restriction.

Please if you are ever or are dealing with thoughts of suicide now or were don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, we can do this, together. That’s why I’m writing this. 

I Love you,

JP ❤