Reflections on an article on the untimely death of Chris Cornell

Great read on depression and the life and legacy of Chris. 
Something I really took from the article is that depression doesn’t just go away or end in your Fifties or only come around in your twenties. 
It’s insidious and tenacious. It has the power to take all your joy and accomplishment and make you feel utterly alone. But your not alone, we are not alone!!! God cares about your struggles, share them with a friend and fight back. You were made to overcome!!! 
Sometimes as I worship at church and “praise” I find myself in tears so many tears because I know where I was, but I also wonder if it’s this expression of fighting back against my own depression the voices that tell me I’m nothing, that give me anxiety and fear…when I worship I rest, I give it up. 
I know that I’m only around because the God of Heaven wants me here. I want to live because the devil is a liar and if your struggling and I know many of you are, I’m praying for you, not some piety but honestly that you continue to fight for your joy and that you experience rest, where love, joy, peace, patience become your confidence. 
You can do anything !!! Look in the mirror and tell yourself, I love me, I’m going to do this, I’m going to live. The book of Psalms says, “I will live and not die” let’s fight to live!!! Amen. So much love for you. 

Peace and Strength ❤️ JP


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