Brothers Keeper (The Easter Rising)


Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Today’s initial blog post will just be a song by one of my favorite bands Sleeping Giant. This Easter I think we should all (who believe in the prophetic witness of Jesus) think about the movement of love and justice today. We must celebrate and shout Alleluia as we are not abandoned and our savior lives, but more so than that its because He (Jesus) wanted us to end oppression, He wanted us to provide space for “others” to be welcome to the table of Eucharist and He wanted us to defy systems that militate against his teachings. “We pray with our eyes open, so we can see the victims of injustice” Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant once said. We need to see the victims of injustice, that’s why The Easter Rising matters to me. We have to end racism, sexism, homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia, ageism, homelessness, ableism, stigma on mental illlness, apathy toward the victims of the PIC (Prison Industrial Complex) we the body and blood of Christ, our the answer, not your government though we work together and collaborate, when justice knocks its the church that can immediately be aid in a time of need. I’m committed to this Jesus, all other Jesus understanding is feel good apathetic energy…I praise because their is a battery and eternal significance to my actions, I praise because when this world crushes me and you, there is a table presented to refuel and get back to the work. This movement is not dead, because He is not dead. I also acknowledge that we can not always be protesting, we need to dance and share a drink or three too, I’m saying I don’t believe Easter is just about individual salvation, that’s something else. I’m saying Easter matters because there is an eternal promise that We Have Overcome, because HE Jesus has overcome the world.

That’s why this song speaks to mortality and that our movement is not dead, because Jesus is not dead, He is risen…Hold Fast!!!

Brothers Keeper (The Easter Rising) by Sleeping Giant

We are armed insurrection
We’ve only begun.
We are genesis to revelation.
We the rising tide.

Come and See.
You can kill one man but
I guess you don’t see
the million other men who stand
waiting behind me.

“I solemnly swear to tell the whole truth.”

Testify To the resurrection
Defend The Cross.
We are the ground swell.
We are the mob rule.
We the rising ride.

Come Join with Me.

You can kill one man but
I guess you don’t see
the million other men who stand.
Waiting behind me.

If they shut me up who’ll take my place?
Who’s gonna testify.
If they end my life will you finish the race.
Why’re you gonna live and die.
Who’ll speak.
Testify to the Easter Rising.
I will Testify.
The Easter Rising.
I will give my life.
The Easter Rising