You are the reason i believe in resistance, your pronouncements your love for wealth over people keeps my fist clenched. I will resist you. I will resist your paradigms. I’m not your silent objector but a voice in the wilderness, saying behold the resistance of the people, the voice of the wilderness that says your empire will be brought down. Your buildings you build will be mausoleums, your living dirty. My essence is one with the struggle, one with the pain. Your egregious and I’m trying to understand you you but I just can’t. Your cronies in power will seek their self interest no matter who it hurts.

What about love, what about our voice, what about access to education when truth is “alternative facts.” what choice do we have? We are seeking to live, to identify and to be respected, to be given shalom in the square public and private, we are the immigrants arriving for a new life, a better life because you impoverished us. Your neo-liberal policies make us seek asylum. You tell half truths and demonize us like Hitler with the Jews, Blacks and Queers.

We are the rising Confessing Church, we are the voice of the Martyrs. No not martyrs for an empty theology of simple substitutionary salvation but martyrs for the earth, sky, water and land. We are martyrs for those with a lack of courage due to the trauma and psychological stigma you impressed upon them. For the differently-abled, those with Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, diverse behavioral abilities and physical abilities, for those who have poems in their heart but can’t write with their hands. With sonnets in their minds, and spirits but never encouraged. To those who miss the chance to feel the emancipation of liberation. Liberation of mind, body, soul and spirit. The liberation to be weird, and loud and undignified, before God and people. To those who understand and learn differently,

For the people united against your everything. For those coming together for a new world, in the midst of the insane destruction you are signing into legislation. yOur not our leader, you’re not our president, you’re not our hero, you’re not going to make us great, you’re just a old white man, with identity issues, and your money keeps you from seeing your sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, you are the face of the enemy. Even if behind closed doors you’re a “liberal” on the low. You’re the face of tyranny. You’re the mirror of a history coming to fruition with no dignity to not show it’s full colors, your the fuel to a resistance. We will either stop you or your thirst for power will destroy the world. We are district 13, we are the resistance. We are your enemy.

Rest, Resist, and Repeat