I recently wrote about Orlando on Facebook. You can see the post below. I have been in pain and thinking what can I do, what do I have to give? 

So I have decided to use the next 7 days as we go forward and approach PRIDE this month to addressing Queer rights and ending hate also to address rape culture and it’s need to end also. We have to fight hate with love. What weapon do I have? 

I have a pen or laptop and a passion to write, so I’m going to do that. Hopefully the writing will be good, but it will be passionate. Bet that. I love my queer brothers and sisters of all ages and cultures and backgrounds. May you have peace and comfort and solidarity from the rest of the human community. 

Here is the post, 💜

I don’t know what to say about Orlando. I have been wrestling with the right words and feelings all day, what do you say? A couple years ago I felt led to be a part of planting a Queer Episcopal church space in Bushwick that was in the heart of Kerlin Richter and accompanied by so many amazing souls. I believed there should be a space where all God’s children can get weird and queer but today and now being moved away from Bushwick, I just feel…silent. We need a radical shift we need laws to protect us from ourselves. We need love to overcome hate…we need change and none of that will bring anyone back. Orlando really makes me feel some type of way for sure, even before this. But I know that in Orlando and other places and spaces their are angelic humans doing and believing and living for a new world a world in this country that is accepting, inclusive and queer!!! My heart is heavy but my hope is full. I’m sorry to all my LGBTQ&A friends I’m sorry we live in a word where this can and does happen. Lord in your mercy hear the cries of your children…amen! 🌈


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