Good Friday: Not Good For Everyone

(Because folks still can’t breathe) 

Happy Good Friday Everyone,

Today is the day that symbolically illustrates and remembers the seizing of Jesus the Palestinian Jew from Nazareth. Jesus was inspiring and encouraging a mostly illiterate group of folks, who were being sold into slavery, kidnapped, forced into slave labor at the hands and view of the temple leaders (see Obery M. Hendricks, The Politics of Jesus). He was teaching them to understand “that you are born free, you are born in the image of the father (mother) God and that you don’t need these hierarchical structures and unequal relationships to Jerusalem, you are whole and loved where you are.” (jp version)
From that stance he led a love revolution that defied and called out the Roman Empire an empire that the Christian church later would side with for favors, just like the temple leaders did. But, that’s not the whole message, even knowing these things and being wrongfully convicted, being a man charged for crimes he did not commit and still allowing the persecution to happen, or if you believe in a lower christology. He was accosted and arrested just like our black, brown and beige brothers and sisters are today. You see on Good Friday we see this salvific offering that cleanses us from sin and the idea that the Trinity took on pain, but more so, was this idea that our leader if your a Christian or follower of Jesus, resisted oppression and imperial power to the point of death.
Good Friday has always meant a good time, (meaning people were happy because of the resurrection and kids because of chocolate and the Easter bunny) but Saturday was silent, and Sunday at the crack of dawn we will have our candles and Jesus will not be in the tomb, Mary will run back and tell her friends, Peter will find out and tell his friends, he’s not their! Because he is risen!
Today, we don’t see Eric Garner risen, we don’t see Emmett Till risen, we don’t see Sandra Bland risen, we don’t see countless others risen, we don’t even see those we love and hold dear that are not a part of police brutality risen, but we believe as a body in the sacredness of scripture that our King rose!!! But, he did not rise for us to be capitalist, he did not rise for us to be prideful and selfish, he did not rise for us to be individualist, or misogynist and racist, sexist, no he rose to show us death has no hold on justice, death has no hold on solidarity, death has no hold on the community forged through struggle, and yes there was/is a salvation from sin narrative. But what is sin today?
I/We need salvation for our community, I/We need salvation for our family, I/We need salvation for the PIC (Prison Industrial Complex) to end, I/We need salvation for a country bent on the verge of fascism and all out civil war. I/We need salvation from police brutality and modern day lynching. I/We need salvation for women, to be able “to walk alone at night and fear nothing” (chalkline, strike anywhere). I/We need salvation for…
Jesus did not die and resurrect on Sunday for you to be happy and content, he rose so you would have courage to face injustice and though they might harm your body, they can not harm your soul! 
(Because Black Lives Still Matter)

Let us remember those that are still on the cross in need of justice behind prison walls and in our community. To God Be the Glory, Let Your Justice Flow!!! Amen.
Images from last years Holy Week of Resistance week of actions against white supremacy and police brutality 


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