Reflections: Asbury Park 

I want to run, I want to run and not look back,I want to run till theirs nothing left,

pack my bags and take off down the coastline, leave my troubles in the back of my mind.

find some peace on the shore, throw myself in and sink to the floor.

I want to run…

But, all I know is what I’ve seen, and all, I’ll ever see(n) is here.

All I know is here…

But I want to run, I want to run, I want to run

where pain and disappoint dissipate, I want to not feel…

oh to not feel, to be lifeless

let the ocean take over me, abounding in grace while i sink to floor of the sea.

Let the shore wash these sins away…let the ocean absolve me and what I’ll never be


I want to run…

I don’t know what I’m doing or where it is that I’m going… I feel every fucking thing

I’ll resurrect like a phoenix or a junkie about to spill his Hagen Daz,

yea I’ll rise up like a wino on a Union Square bench, stumble into Beth Israel

I’m tired…I tried…

I want to run

I wish I could have made you happy…

but all this New York kid knows is the blues

I’ll boared the next train and take it where it goes… 



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